Day 14 – Flowers

Day 14 – Flowers

So I got back to my 30 “Day” Challenge and I am trying to incorporate the holiday season as I do. So Day 14, which is flowers I used poinsettias as my influence.


The top shows my Pinspiration and you can see how I altered it to look like poinsettias. Or tried to, haha.

Gold Medal, by Sinful Colors
Envy, by Sinful Colors (base of accent nail)
Rain Forest, by Revlon Colorstay
Ruby Ruby, by Sinful Colors

If at first you don’t succeed…

If at first you don’t succeed…

I tried a flower design yesterday. It did not go well. It took me several hours because of the different colors. And as you can see from my picture, it did not look like the inspiration.  When I asked my mom how they looked, her answer was, “What are they suppoesed to be?”

Well, my tagline is “If you don’t try, you’ve already failed.”So the attempt was made, and although it was unsuccessful, the attempt is the point.

So since my flowers were a no go, I switched to sparkles. These are some of the sparkles that I got a few weeks ago. Them come in strips and I cut them to fit each nail. Then I put several layers of clear topcoat to ensure that the sparkles don’t catch on anything and come off.

Daisy Chains and Sparkly Stripes

Daisy Chains and Sparkly Stripes

I did both my fingers and toes this weekend. I found both of these designs on Pinterest, which I know you’re shocked to hear. The fingers I pretty much followed the picture, while on the toes (piggys)  I adjusted the colors slightly. I also purchased some rhinestone stickers and a glass dappen cup, which I’ll use as to keep my artbrush clean when I make my designs.

For my fingers I did a delicate little daisy chain (<<original design). I painted the base color last night so it would be completely dry. The flowers are done in white and yellow. Use the white to make a flower shape and the yellow fills the center.


For my toes I found this really cute multi-colored design for little piggys. Just to warn you, the website is in Chinese. :/ But you can still look at the pictures! I used a more muted pink and a light blue. There’s also a glitter accent nail. The big piggy has the art work on it, with stripes in all the colors used. I also used some of the rhinestones to add a bit of bling.