Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a nice, or at least a less stressful then usual Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, family gatherings are frought with tension and the most you can hope for is that no one blows a gasket. In public.

On the other hand, my fingers, on both hands, 🙂 looked very festive for the holiday.



For my fingers I saw this really great design from a fellow WordPress blogger, Coewless Nail Polish. And although I do not have red glitter (hint hint Santa) I do have a new red sparkle. I found a mini China Glaze on sale and it looks lovely. That and my very old chuncky gold glitter, it all came out smashingly. I seem to be in a very colorful adjective mood. Pardon the flourishes. Any way, I started with a white base, then added a thick tip of a gold sparkle, followed by a regular tip of the red sparkle, then several layers of the chucky gold glitter. It was awesome and it got rave reviews from random strangers which is always nice.

Snow Me White – Sinful Colors. Seashell – L.A. Colors. Ruby Pumps – China Glaze. The Gold Glitter I’ve had forever.

I also did my toes for autumn. There was this lovely combo of browns, grey and black. I did not have the colors in the picture, but mine were pretty close.



Nomadic in Nude  – Color Club. Earthy Angel – Color Club. Haute Chocolate – Sally Hansen.  Sidewalkers – N.Y. Colors. Black Creme – Wet ‘n Wild.

Sparkles in Nude

Sparkles in Nude

So I’ve moved on through the browns. I used both shades of nudes, and then added a graduated shower of sparkle.

As you can see I divided the colors between the hands. The sparkles starts thick at the tips and thin out as they go toward the cuticle. I love glancing at it as I type, its so pretty and elegant.

Colors: Nomadic in Nude and Earthy Angel by Color Club and Kaleidoscope by Wet n Wild.

Classy and Funky and Fun!

Classy and Funky and Fun!

I saw this on Pinterest, but the picture was really small and the website only had the one picture. So it took me awhile to figure out the color sequence. I thought it looked so sophisticated and classy, but fun and funky at the same time.

The colors (starting from the right hand pinky) Nirvana – Sinful Colors, Nomadic in Nude – Color Club, Blazed – Wet ‘n Wild, New Bohemian – Color Club, Shabby Drab – Color Club.

I also redid my toes, because the rhinestones didn’t survive my shoes. I saw this sparkley pattern for fingers, but I thought it would look great on piggys. The white is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, with a topcoat of sparkles. So much glitter!