Day 8 – Metalics

Day 8 – Metalics

So I decided to just keep this one simple. I just used my two basic metals, gold and silver, and just alternated them from right to left.
By the way, those nail decals were a pain to get off of the nails. Took about 10+ cotton balls. Yikes.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, “Pumping Iron” (I like to think of it as adamantium)
Sinful Colors, “Gold Medal”

A Moonbeam to Charm You

A Moonbeam to Charm You

A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.

This is part of an Irish blessing and I thought it was so pretty, and it reminded me of the silver-tipped blue nails I did.  I used a very lite blue, with my silver for the tips. I like to think of my silver polish as Adamantium, but I think it’s called something like Silver Frost, or some such thing. But I got a lot of compliments on them, and they looked really nice.

Here is mine.

Here is the inspiration from Chloe’s Nails, which is another nail blog. Please check it out, she’s got a bunch of cool ideas and tips.

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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

So I saw this really pretty mother of pearl look and realized I could make my own instead of buying the really expensive one. I love the way it looked, very elegant and classy, could be dressd up or down. I used a base coat of Sinful Colors-Snow Me White with  SC-Out of This World on the left ring finger. Then I put a top-coat of  Sally Hansen;Hard as Nails-Friction Frost. Like I said, turned out great. You don’t always have to have exactly what’s in the bottle, sometimes you can make your own.

This is the picture that I used as inspiration. It will take you to a really nice nail blog/website. Please check it out.

Somewhere in Oz

Somewhere in Oz

Ok, so I’ve really fallen behind in my posts, I do apologize. So I have several posts to show you. Again I apologize  for the delay, these past few days have just been hectic.

First of we have a Buffy inspired nail, specifically Drusilla. I loved the way this turned out, it looked so funky and fun. Drusilla may be creepy, but she’s got great “taste.” Heehee

For Halloween I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I’ve done several Dorothy themed birthdays and I had all the props, and I borrowed the dress from a friend. And other than being a very popular choice, Oz is also a running joke in one of my science fiction shows (Stargate SG1). I had originally done a character on each nail, but they were very blah. So I left Glinda and Elfaba, as well as one Tin Man.

Finally, I did my nails for a Doctor Who convention. I went as Amy Pond, and she tends to go for the more funky nail colors. We had so much fun at the convention!

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!

This Saturday, September 8, is the 46th birthday of the television series Star Trek. I am a very big Trekkie, and yes, I have attended conventions in costume. But I try to keep in classy. I have always been a Star Trek fan, ever since I was a kid. I love the way they adapted literature (Homar, Shakespeare) to the genre, and dealt with big issues like race, government oversight, and parental rights. And there’s also space battles, time travel paradoxes, and aliens. 🙂

So my nail design this week paid homage to this illustrious anniversary. The thumb has one of the phrases used in the title sequence of the original series as well as the second series (The Next Generation). The complete phrase, “To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.”

The pointer is a freehand of the original Star Trek logo. It’s freehand, so please allow some design leeway. 🙂

My other three nails represent the three uniform colors on the show, gold, red, and blue. And by the way, only one red-shirt ended up with injuries. The black tip got smudged when I put on the top coat. But other than that they are both still alive.

Fortune favors the bold (Virgil). So Go Boldly!

And may the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your travels!

Back to School!!

Back to School!!

It’s back to school time!! I know that most students have already gone back to school already, but my class starts Monday. I’m really excited because I get to go observe and participate in a school.  So of course I had to do my nails for the occasion. 🙂 I saw most of these on Pinterest, but of course made them my own. For the composition notebook I used a black crackle, which really turned out great and totally looked like what I was going for. I’m so excited for school and now I’m prepared for it, complete with paper, pencils and notebooks.

I also did my toes. One has to go all out. Education here I come!

Below are the polishes that I used.


I used a matte coat on the pink so they look like erasers!

Note Paper

Just read between the lines.

Composition Notebook

The crackle came out great!