Wear Your Artwork

Wear Your Artwork

Ok, I’ve done it again. I have taken my nail design inspiration from a piece of clothing. This time it’s from my favorite maxi dress I bought last year. When I saw this dress in the store, I immediately fell in love with the colors and the design of the material. It just looked like someone had taken an abstract painting and made it into a dress. It’s super comfortable, but looks great for an evening out or an afternoon lunch.

So my for my nails, I painted color blocks by painting half the nail in different colors, alternating long-ways, and short-ways. I was going to use tape to ensure straight lines, but decided straight lines weren’t all that important to the look. It also meant I didn’t have to wait for each layer to be completely dry before adding the next color. The final touch, and what really made it look like the dress was the black lines on top of the color blocks. I am so happy with the way this turned out! It looks exactly like the inspiration. One of my favorite parts of doing my own nails is throughout the day, when I catch a glimpse of my nails and they make me smile.  I love that feeling, because it’s a mixture of “It turned out like I planned,” and “I look pretty!”

Thanks Dad for taking the pictures, they came out awesome, as always. ❤

Colors:  Ruby Ruby (red by Sinful Colors), Purple Pizzazz Frost (purple by N.Y.C.), New Bohemian (turquoise by Color Club), Times Square Tangerine Creme (orange by N.Y.C.), Lexington Yellow (yellow by N.Y.C.), Black Creme (black by Wet n Wild).