Day 17 – Glitter Nails

Day 17 – Glitter Nails

Day 17 is glitter nails. I love to add glitter, so it was hard to pick one design. I found one that had purple, which is my favorite color.


Ring finger has a coat of “Pumping Iron”, by Sally Hansen, then a couple layers of “Trchno”, by China Glaze (Christmas present from sister).
Other nails have a coverage of “Tempest”, by Sinful Colors with the Trchno on the cuticles.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Glitter Nails

  1. Well these are lovely! Very girly combo!

    May I ask do you know about super bonding glue when applying glitter or sponging for a gradient? It is what I use to protect the skin from stains and glitter. It doesn’t cost more than $4. It works exactly the same than the infamous liquid palisade.

    1. I have used the sponging method before and I found it very effective. I didn’t do it here, merely because I was lazy and had the time to wait for several layers to dry. Family gatherings require extraneous amounts of down time, lol.

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