Daisy Chains and Sparkly Stripes

Daisy Chains and Sparkly Stripes

I did both my fingers and toes this weekend. I found both of these designs on Pinterest, which I know you’re shocked to hear. The fingers I pretty much followed the picture, while on the toes (piggys)  I adjusted the colors slightly. I also purchased some rhinestone stickers and a glass dappen cup, which I’ll use as to keep my artbrush clean when I make my designs.

For my fingers I did a delicate little daisy chain (<<original design). I painted the base color last night so it would be completely dry. The flowers are done in white and yellow. Use the white to make a flower shape and the yellow fills the center.


For my toes I found this really cute multi-colored design for little piggys. Just to warn you, the website is in Chinese. :/ But you can still look at the pictures! I used a more muted pink and a light blue. There’s also a glitter accent nail. The big piggy has the art work on it, with stripes in all the colors used. I also used some of the rhinestones to add a bit of bling.


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