Those are Mine?!

Those are Mine?!

HI, so I was glancing back through my posts and looking at all the nails I’ve done since Christmas. And I realized I have nice nails! I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve never liked my nails. I always thought they didn’t or wouldn’t grow well, they split and peeled, and I did everything I could to cover them up. But looking back over these pictures, they look really nicely shaped and they are much longer than I’ve ever gotten them before. And I had someone ask me, about my current French Tips, if I had gotten acrylics!

I know it’s a little shallow to be so affected by how your nails look, but I’ve learned if you can’t be happy about the little things, you’ll never be happy about the biggy-wows. So I am taking great pride in my beautiful, elegant nails. 🙂


all my nails


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