Add a Little Sparkle.

Add a Little Sparkle.

So I had removed my nailpolish and was still contemplating which color to paint. Then I was staring at my nails and I was very impressed with how nice they looked! I have never liked my nails plain, I always thought they look, just bleh. So since I was very surprised with how nice they looked I decided to do white tips with some glitter. Because you should always add sparkle. It turned out awesome, and I was very impressed with them, and myself.

pic 1

Then, AAAHHHHH! I broke a nail. I was driving my Mom’s car and I miscalculated the distance to a handle. The middle finger split, quite painfullly. I used, well tried, to use a nail repair I found on Pinterest, and had used successfully before. However, my break was just a little too far down, and I ended up cutting it anyway. Since you have to paint completely over this particular repair, I had turned the broken nail into an accent nail. My sister was very amused that it was my middle finger. It looked great, until it had to come off.

pic 3


Polishes Used:

Sally Hansen Nourishing Nail Color

Snow Me White – Sinful Colors

Set in Stones – Essie; Christmas present 🙂

Friction Frost – Sally Hansen; used as base for “accent” nail

pic 2


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