Somewhere in Oz

Somewhere in Oz

Ok, so I’ve really fallen behind in my posts, I do apologize. So I have several posts to show you. Again I apologize  for the delay, these past few days have just been hectic.

First of we have a Buffy inspired nail, specifically Drusilla. I loved the way this turned out, it looked so funky and fun. Drusilla may be creepy, but she’s got great “taste.” Heehee

For Halloween I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I’ve done several Dorothy themed birthdays and I had all the props, and I borrowed the dress from a friend. And other than being a very popular choice, Oz is also a running joke in one of my science fiction shows (Stargate SG1). I had originally done a character on each nail, but they were very blah. So I left Glinda and Elfaba, as well as one Tin Man.

Finally, I did my nails for a Doctor Who convention. I went as Amy Pond, and she tends to go for the more funky nail colors. We had so much fun at the convention!


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