Gradient Grey

Gradient Grey

So my first day of school nails were a big hit. But life goes on and nails chip. So I went looking for a technique which wouldn’t involve trimming the nail all the way down and losing the length. I came across this technique using tiny pieces from a tea bag. Click on the picture to be taken to the website which has full instructions. It’s pretty simple.

These are the same nails with the repair and color on top.

The last step of the instructions is to paint a a layer or two of color. I’ve moved on into the purples of my color arsenal. The grey on purple gradient I saw on Pinterest, and the picture will take you to the original website, The glitter is one I “enhanced”. I added a bunch of glitter to a glitter nailpolish from New York Color. I really like the way it came out.

For my little piggies I tried a color combo from The Nail Junkie. I think the pink and purple (sparkle) is very girly and fun.


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