Green Apple

Green Apple

Ok, so I did my nails a few days ago, but haven’t had a chance to post the picture. And I had to learn how to use my new phone since I had taken the picture with that. But I love my phone and here is the picture.

Making our way through the color collection we’ve reached the greens, which are sadly outnumbered by all the other color groups. I have a metalic-y green which I used for the tips and it gave a really nice effect.

The base green is by Pure Ice, a Walmart brand, and the metalic tips, I don’t remember. But it’s the same polish that I used for the Little Mermaid nails I did on my nieces. Oh, and I painted the tips freehand. I was very impressed with myself, in case you were wondering. Apparrently, when your mother tells you to practise something, it’ll get better, she’s right. :p


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