Amazing Time in Arizona

Amazing Time in Arizona

So I’ve been in Arizona that last few weeks with my Mom staying with my brothers girls while he and his wife went to collect their new baby in China. I had such a great time being Auntie and we got to play and have a lot of fun. One of the things I got to do was all the girls nails. First I did my nails and let them each pick one and “personalize” it, which typically meant they wanted it Glitterfied!

Here are the options I gave the girls. Starting on the left hand pinky its pink sparkly, white sparkly, LIttle Mermaid (green with purple sparkle), Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. On the right hand starting from the thumb there’s Tinkerbell (green sparkly), Lady Bug, Bumble Bee, Belle, and Minnie Mouse.

Top left is Sleeping Beauty; top right is Little Mermaid on the right and Tinkerbell on the left. Bottom left is Belle with alternating pink and white sparkly; bottom right is Tinkerbell.

I had so much fun with the girls, not just doing their nails but all the fun stuff we got to do, like hiking and building living room forts. After the girls had their nails done I chose to do Cinderella, which was the blue with a layer of sparkle. One of the things I discovered about Arizona was that the nail polish peeled  really easy, which even though I buy the cheaper nail polish has never happened before. Once I got home I decided to do  solid colors, so my toes I did in my darker turquoise (Greek Isles) and my nails I did in my brown (Nirvana), both by Sinful Colors. I’m attempting to make my way through my colllection by color. I started with the oranges and I’ve made it to the dark browns. They’re not all going to be a solid color, but I’m going to use each color.


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