Rings and Things

Rings and Things

I am so excited to have finally tried this! I have been waiting to try this design and it turned out so well, I’m so happy. It only took two rings to figure out the best technique, but the whole thing was really easy. What is so cool about this is you use a straw to make the rings! Since I was using four colors I cut the straw into four pieces. I painted the base color, white, the day before and let it dry overnight. I also used my new remover pen on the edges after I did the white. I love it, it’s so easy to use.

The rings I did one color at a time and let each color dry for about an hour before I did the next. I did a short video of making the rings, which I’m trying to get linked in, to show how simple it was. The best advice I can give is make sure you dip the straw before each ring. Like I said, this was a really fun design to try, but you do have to try!  As always, please check out the original website where I found the idea. This website has tons of ideas.


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