Love Me Some Purple

26 Sep


I love purple and I found this idea on Pinterest. It worked out pretty much like the picture and I received a bunch of compliments today. Most of them from my students, but still. :-)

Happy Birthday, Star Trek

14 Sep

Monday, September 8th was Star Trek ‘ 48th birthday.  Since I wasn’t called in to sub, I spent all day watching original series episodes. Love. Thank you , Gene.


Pretty Blue

17 Aug

I did these yesterday from one I saw on Pinterest. My stripes aren’t quite as neat or skinny but it turned out pretty.



8 Jul


So I went to a sci – fi convention this weekend. These were my nails for the weekend as they went with both costumes. I had an awesome time and got to meet Nichelle Nichols,  the actress who originally portrayed Lt. Uhura. 



Barely There

31 May


I saw this on Pinterest and though I didn’t have exact colors, I got pretty close. I didn’t have a grey sparkle, but I have sheer sparkle I put over top my grey. Worked beautifully.

Peaches & Cream

10 May


A new polish I got from Rue21.

Happy Birthday Bevan!

6 May


Monday was my girlfriend’s husband’s birthday. He is an Edmonton (Canada) native and a fan if the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. She surprised him by renting out an ice rink for an hour and the group of us (attempted)  a hockey game. It was really funny watching him skate circles around all us Floridians. For my nails I did the Oilers colors of royal blue and orange. Of course, mist of NY students thought they were Gator (football) colors.

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